Our School

The Lilla Téri Elementary School is a school with eight grades having two or three classes in each year.

The school is located in one of the suburban areas of Debrecen called ’Köntöskert’. In the schoolyard we can find a park, a sports field, a tennis court and a playground. Each classroom is well-equipped with smart boards. Moreover, we can find plenty of other devices such as laptops, computers that support efficient teaching.

Owing to the welcoming and cosy atmosphere, both the parents’ and the children’s requests are taken into consideration.

The school started its English-Hungarian bilingual programme in the school year of 2003/2004. Besides having five English lessons a week, pupils have three different subjects in English:

  • in junior section: Art and Craft, P.E.
  • in the 5th and 6th grades: Art and Art History, ICT, British and American Culture and Civilisation
  • in the 7th and 8th grades: Geography, British and American Culture and Civilisation and ICT

Our pupils are offered to learn German and French, too.

Our institute has got the right to accept students from all over our city, not exclusively from our district as other schools do. We provide speech therapists and a psychologist as well. Our school has a highly-qualified staff . Our acceptance rates to further education are very promising. Most of our school-leavers easily get accepted into Fazekas Mihály and Tóth Árpád or any other outstanding secondary grammar school.

Our institute is regularly rated among the best fifty schools according to the Countrywise Competence Measuring.

Our school has been awarded the 39th position in the ranking of the best schools in the country according to the survey of .

Our pupils regularly participate and succeed in not only civic, but also in regional and country competitions and championships.  Many pupils achieve good results in sports as well such as ice-skating, ice-hockey and football.

We organise several talent support programmes and study circles for the students lagging behind according to the needs of the students. We also provide facilities to try many different sports to keep fit. There is an excellent opportunity for our pupils to go swimming, ice-skating and horse-riding during their P.E lessons.

Many of our students participate in plenty of different types of summer camps, even some taking place abroad.

The school keeps up international relationships with other schools, which gives an excellent opportunity for both the students and the staff to get to know the customs, the culture and the language of the target country by meeting children and teachers from other countries.

We also provide afternoon daycare where the students can do their homework and get ready for the next day. Our school has a foundation called "Alapítvány a Lilla Téri Általános Iskoláért".