In English


  • The participants of the project should achieve the following aims after reliazation of the project
  • To be aware of the differences in tradition, every day's life and culture among different region of Europe.
  • To get to know tourist tradition of the region where the partner school are located.
  • To be able to find connections between different parts of Europe ( culture, lifestyle, language)
  • To have a need to learn about tradition and cultural heritage of other region.
  • To be motivated to study foreign languages.
  • To be able to use different information and communication technologies


  • Assumed influence of the project over students, teachers, school and environment. Involving the proect is the didactive of all the school.
  • Involving particular proups in the process of planing, realization, supervising and evalution of the project which is supposed to integrate local societies and to create responsibility for result of our work as well as to implement an interdisciplinary way of working and effective using modern information and communication techniques.
  • Co-operation while preparing presentations, materials, exhibitions, being in touch and communicating with the partner.